Young Professionals in the Arts (YPA) is a non-profit London based networking

group created to foster connections for creative and visual arts professionals.

Aimed at those who work in galleries, auction houses and museums,

or as writers, independent curators and any other professional capacities

within the visual arts (although not artists or students), YPA provides a forum for

professional development.

Attendees are provided the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and foster

relationships with colleagues from across London at regular events.

With a mailing list that is continually growing, YPA currently has more than

700 members. A majority of members work in art galleries and museums,

however people from all cultural sectors are welcome. It is free to join and

while the group is called Young Professionals in the Arts there is now no

age limit.

Networking event venues include The Florence Trust (in collaboration

with the Contemporary Art Society), the Zabludowicz Collection, Hauser & Wirth,

The Delfina Foundation, the ICA, the Hunterian Museum and Parasol Unit.

Event notifications are not posted on the YPA LinkedIn page but are sent

through an email mailing list only.

YPA is run by Vishal Sumarria and Maria Marro-Perera. For more information

or to become a member please email: ypalondon@gmail.com